Exploring Southern Europe – 3 Dazzling Destinations


Montenegro is only just emerging as a hot touristic destination is a gorgeous treasure trove of rich cultural heritage all merging together harmoniously; Muslims, Christians, Illyrian, Byzantine, Turkish and Slav civilizations form part and parcel of this country. It’s highlighted by the rising Black Mountain and craggy rock which earn the country its name Montenegro which means black rock.

The bay of Kotor is the most indented point on the Adriatic Sea. Here you will be amazed by the views of the impressive city wall within which lies one of the most best preserved medieval towns along the Adriatic Sea and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is nothing quite as relaxing as renting a villa here and overlooking this incredible view.

For a well deserved spa and health treatment especially after trekking the mountains head to Hercegi Novi where you can heal in the sea mud or relax in the water springs in this area.



The Island of Cyprus is the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea and is strategically located between Europe and the Middle East, making Cyprus a popular holiday destination. Over the years it has been on the receiving end of various civilization leaders Egyptians, Ottomans, Romans and many more who have inevitably helped shape the culture and history of this magical island. It is considered to be the birth place of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite and that’s probably the reason why this island is so irresistible.

There are many beaches in Cyprus where tourists flock to enjoy the sand, mild climate and take in the spectacular landscapes. For calm white sandy beaches Protara and Ayi Napa will do the trick, while dark sands are found on the organized Lanarca Beach.

The Troodos Mountains offer beautiful walking trails with lush green landscapes with gently sloping valleys and cascading waterfalls. The Venetian bridges are also found here. They are noteworthy architectural structures which, though manmade, almost seem to be part of the natural beauty of the rivers they have been placed over.


Taking holidays to Armenia are like stepping back into the past and finding yourself in one of the biblical scenes; sheltered by the biblical Ararat home of Noah’s Ark where humanity was reborn. Not many places you have visited share such an amount of history; right?

It has something for everyone. If fascinating history is your interest then sample the historical churches, monasteries and unique masonry.

If you are interested by nature then experience the Armenian Plateau with hidden lakes including the mysterious Lake Sevan, cascading waterfall, torrents, rivers, highlands and rich forests. Man made wonders that have survived time and help us see the past with our very own present eyes.

Yerevan combines the rich culture of the Armenians with modern development to create an exceptional fusion of diversity well seen through its arts, crafts, cuisines, museums, architecture and entertainment. The city is alive with activities and inviting, the people are friendly and warm making your visit fun and enjoyable. It is the city of the old and the new and you will never get enough of it.


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