Creative Ways of Keeping in Contact Overseas: Postcards, Letters, Envelopes, and Gifts

When I embark on my traveling adventures, I get many requests for postcards. I wasn’t satisfied with cards featuring the standard scenic photos. For presents to bring back home, I didn’t want to settle with magnets and keychains. It’s Miami Dolphins Jerseys all about customization and attentively picking cards and items that reflect the person you’re giving it to. Here are some creative ideas to bring wholesale jerseys these to the next level.



I just got a postcard today in Bangkok, Thailand from a nice woman I’ve never met in Port Angeles, Washington. Elizabeth McClung has embarked on a personal endeavor called “The Postcard Project.” She’s sent out thousands of postcards over the years to people all over the globe. But what makes hers special is that she specially chooses each one ?????????????? by asking a few questions beforehand. I told her I enjoy Japan and traveling. wholesale jerseys My postcard featured a photo of Japan’s Mt. Fuji on the front while the back was personalized with stamps of a world map and cherry blossoms. Instead of choosing generic postcards, take the time to select a postcard that fits the person you’re sending it to.


Letters + Envelopes

I have a friend who periodically sends me letters and cards. What I recyclés love about her messages is that she usually includes a random scrap of something. Whether it’s a page in a tear-off calendar that features my hometown or a ‘Yellow Brick Road’ paint sample with “for the amazing journey in life you’ve chosen” written on the back, it’s always so thoughtful. Everything can be ???????? personalized, even the envelopes.It’s another empty canvas to customize at will. Whenever I send wholesale nfl jerseys someone a birthday card, I usually doodle all over the front GUIDE and write a short story about a rabbit on the back. Don’t ask why a rabbit, I don’t know.



One of my favorite things to do while traveling is sending or bringing back souvenirs for my friends and family. It’s imperative to me that gift has to be unique… all without breaking the bank. From blessed dirt from the desert in New Mexico to a wild dystopian painting from a teenager in Chengdu, it is a lot of fun to get creative. Recently, I asked those I wholesale NFL jerseys was planning on getting gifts to give me 14.09.2009 the first color and five adjectives that came to mind. Now I am finding them gifts that represent all of those words. With a list like “purple, furry, sparkly, scary, bumpy, and loud,” it makes it welcome challenge.

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