Winter Sports In Lapland

Are you into winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, fishing or snowboarding? Perhaps you are wondering “where could I head to, that is off the beaten track, and definitely not the norm?” Have you ever considered Lapland as your buzz fix destination? No? Well here is why you should:


Lapland (or Finnish Lapland as you may sometimes hear it called) is a winter sports fanatics dream. If you are into snowboarding or skiing, Lapland has downhill, cross country or freestyle options available, that rival those found in the French Alps. These are ideal for all skill levels, from beginner to expert, and are very family friendly. Also, another major plus is, the resorts are quiet, unlike the throngs that meet you in other, more well known destinations.

There is nothing like taking in a lung full of that fresh mountain air, and breaching that virgin snow! And better yet, Lapland offers optimum skiing conditions for at least 6 months of the year – no where else can boast of this.

If fishing is your bag, Lapland has some of the greatest Salmon, ice fishing and Fly Fishing anywhere on the planet. Crisp, clean & clear waters are there to invite you to cast your line in, while surrounded by outstandingly beautiful landscapes. If you decide to head on a trip in the summer months, there may be a chance you will lose track of time and fish all through the night, as the sun never sets at certain time of the year.

Taking a trip anywhere merits a little research before hand. A good place to start is Plan your trip out well. You will find that there are many, specialised winter sport resorts now available in Lapland, who will plan and organise events for you, taking the grunt work out of your vacation.

With the first snowfall for the year usually dropping in October, and with skiing season lasting at least until mid May, there is plenty of scope for you to plan out a winter sports themed holiday to Lapland. Unlike other resorts where you may have 2 to 3 months ideal conditions, you are spoiled with the very best of conditions for at least 6 months of the year.

So, great fishing, perfect rivers and lakes, scenery that will take your breath away, crisp white snow for 6 months, never ending days – what more reason do you need to be convinced – Lapland is the winter sport enthusiasts dream!

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