Caravanning: Are The British Geriatrics Onto Something?

Camper in sosta sulla spiaggia 

Caravanning is often seen as a very British activity. The idea of caravanning and a caravan holiday is seen as a very strong British passion enjoyed by individuals of all ages but the question remains; are the British geriatrics onto something?

Given the popularity of caravanning in the UK, there must be some secret behind the popularity?


Benefits Of A Carava

The main advantage of a caravan is the space. No other mobile form of transport offers the space of a caravan and your typical caravan offers a lounge area, bedroom and kitchen. In many cases, this is often more than you’d get at rented accommodation such as a hotel room.

If you have purchased a caravan rather than renting one owned by someone else then it is also yours to keep. When on holiday you don’t share your caravan with anyone outside of your own party which means you get a real home from home experience; giving you all the home comforts you desire. If you own your own caravan, it’s a space that becomes more familiar the more you use it. A frequent caravanner will feel right at home all thanks to the familiarity of their mobile home.


The Money Matters

Likewise, the British also know how to find a bargain. When it comes to holidays and exploring, you can’t argue with the financial benefits of caravanning. Renting a spot for your caravan is cheap and the rest might be even cheaper. When you bring your own accommodation, you’ve taken the biggest cost out of your holiday. Caravan insurance is cheap too, try out The Caravan Club for affordable cover, so all you’re left to pay for is food and travel. Even then, bringing your own kitchen with you in your caravan means you can save even more money.



Of course, it should be no surprise that caravanning is closely related to a love of the outdoors. This depends on where you want to go but Britain has a surprisingly varied and wonderful countryside.

All over the British landscape there is wonderful countryside, from open plains and coastlines to beautiful valleys and hill-dotted landscapes. Caravanning offers a different experience every time but it’s not just for those in their later years. Individuals of all ages can enjoy caravanning and perhaps the love of the staycation is something we can learn from the geriatrics.



Finally, it’s clear that the British love choice. First of all, caravanning offers the choice of location, but it’s much more than that. Whether you want to mingle with locals or keep to yourself, the caravan gives you the utmost choice. You’re not stuck in a hotel with others and when you want to leave you can take off as and when you like.

With all this going on, it’s clear the British population know a good idea when it comes by. From the older members of society to those in their youth, caravanning can be enjoyed by anyone and that means individuals should look for ways to challenge the antiquated perception that it’s only for the elderly.

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