10 Tips to Cut Flying Costs


Book your flights well in advance.  As soon as you decide to go, get onto booking your flights.   Remember the  proverb about early birds?   That definitely applies to the cheaper airlines.

Sign up for airlines online offers.  Email alerts are really useful to let you know what is available, and what is on special offer.  You may even end up visiting places you had never even considered.

Travel midweek and/or the middle of the morning.  Avoid the flights used by business people.  Airlines know as well as everyone else that arriving early in the morning, and going back late afternoon is often a must for the business world, and price the flights accordingly.

Try going online just after midnight especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays when airlines often offer discounts.

Use flight comparisons sites such as skyscanner.net or kelkoo.com to ensure you get the cheapest deal,but make sure you double check directly with the airline as well.

If you use your car to get to the airport, prebook parking, and also compare airport parking with any independent companies offering parking in the vicinity of your airport.  Use your computer search engine for this.
Try to manage with hand luggage only – you’ll be surprised how much you can get into a squashy small bag.  Many bag manufacturers now state the dimensions of the bag, and also indicate if it complies with most airline regulations.  (Note the word ‘most’, and check the airline you use most!)

If you are on trip longer than one week, and need a larger bag, make sure you add in, and pay for, your luggage at the time of booking – if you don’t, you’ll pay extortionate amounts at the airport.

Do not get your travel insurance through the airline. If you need it, use online comparison sites.  And remember to apply for your European Health Insurance Card, it’s free from www.dh.gov.uk/travellers, and covers basic health care costs in Europe.

Do not change money at the airport – the rates are usually awful.  There are ATMs at every airport in the world, so you can get your cash on arrival.  There are also pre-loaded cards available, and you should check your bank’s charges before you leave – you may get better rates from a different bank.

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