3 Cheapest Countries in Central America to Travel In?

The thin section of land connecting North and South America is made up of 7 countries surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, all paradise destinations for travelers. From ancient Mayan ruins to rainforests teeming with wildlife, the opportunities for outdoor adventures are endless and the whole region is great for your budget. Here are the 3 countries in Central America where your money will go the farthest:



Honduras Book a trip out to Central America on one of the cheap airlines, and you’re well on the way to a budget-friendly, unforgettable holiday in Honduras. It’s extremely cheap to stay and eat here, with plenty of street vendors to grab meals and tons of hotels and hostels in any price range you desire. Buses and taxis are a bargain, only about $1.50 for a ride across town. Explore Cusuco national park, and enjoy jungle waterfalls, night trekking, or any number of other adventures!


Nicaragua Nicaragua is a gorgeous destination in Central America with sweeping coastlines and plenty to explore- and currently, prices for tourists are about half of what they are in Costa Rica. The best and cheapest way to get around is by bus, which usually costs $1 unless you want to go for a longer day trip, which would cost about $3-4. You’ll find traditional food available for very cheap, a full meal including meat, rice, beans, salad and fried plantains is under $3. Don’t forget to take home a Nicaraguan hammock; they’re the best-made and most comfortable you’ll find anywhere, and cost less than $20 at the markets in Masaya.


Panama A holiday in Panama can include everything from relaxing by the beach to exploring cloud forests and enjoying the vibrant Panama City. Accommodations are super cheap in Panama, especially if you stay in a hostel or guest house where a night would run you about $10-12. Transportation is also cheap, with a taxi from one end of the city to the other running about $4. Conveniently for American travelers, most Central American countries accept the US dollar and it’s actually the national currency in Panama. Another money-saving tip: you can drink the tap water, so don’t worry about constantly buying bottles.


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