Top Reasons to go to Cuba in 2013

Cuba is a fast-paced country, and not just because of its iconic and retro 1950 automobiles! The island has slowly been changed over the last 20 years to become one of the developing world’s most flagship nations, promoting sustainable economy and ever-rising tourism numbers. Although Cuba hasn’t completely opened itself up to the ideas and ideals of western life, its current direction shows a path that could, one day, stand side by side with other western heavyweights.

One of the best things about Cuba is that during the height of the tourist season, there aren’t in actual fact many tourists. That’s because this is an island that you can visit any time of year, and still get the same amazing experience come rain or shine. If you’re thinking about taking an alternative holiday this year, make sure Cuba is top of your list. Here are some of the best things to see and do in this fantastic island country!


In 1988, this stunning landscape was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s clear to see why. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, Trinidad was one of the biggest slave trade centres in the Caribbean, and it was run by a number of wealthy land owners. Although the city of Trinidad has a colonial past, its future looks very bright, and it offers stunning views and rolling lush landscapes even on the most overcast days. If you’re travelling with the kids, then visiting Trinidad is a great way to introduce them to Cuba – the calm and relaxing atmosphere is very child-friendly.


Cuban Rum

If tasting the local rum isn’t on your list of things to do in Cuba, then you’re in the wrong country! Cheaper than water, and actually called ‘Ron’ by the locals, rum can be bought literally anywhere on the island, and it’s all of the highest quality. Furthermore, why not follow up a tasty meal in Havana with a few rum cocktails.

There’s no better place in the world to taste the different types of rum than in Cuba, and in most places you’ll probably get a history lesson on the recipe too!

The Music

When it comes to cultural songs and dance, Cuba has, and always will, remain at the forefront of Caribbean music. No matter where you walk in Cuba, you’ll always hear the sound of someone stroking a riff, or practicing a trumpet, or banging on some drums. Thankfully, all these sounds come together at the weekends, with huge marching bands parading through the cobbled streets of Havana. Chuck a little ‘Ron’ into the mix, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a street party!

The Cars

One of the most famous and iconic images people relate to Cuba is the old, late 1950s cars that still run on the cobble streets. These cars are seriously vintage, and if you’re a fan of automobile mechanics, then taking a look under the hood of one of these babies would really be a treat! Sadly, many of these cars are becoming harder to repair, meaning they won’t be around forever, so make sure you at least take a ride in one when visiting this amazing island.

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