5 Qualities Of A Good Private Tutor

Students hire Hong Kong tutors to gain a better understanding of the subject matter they are trying to master. The most dedicated student will not gain much ground with a poor quality tutor. It is important to know what qualities to look for when choosing a private Hong Kong tutor. Compromising on these qualities in favor of a less expensive tutor will result in not receiving the quality direction that is desired in private tutoring.


  • Adapts to Your Learning Style – A tutor who will help the tutee achieve the goals within the specified period. The tutor will adjust their teaching style instead of expecting the student to adapt. When they adjust to the students learning style, the subject matter becomes clearer in a short amount of time.
  • Treats the Student as an Equal – A tutor that has an attitude of superiority because of their knowledge will make the student feel ignorant. This feeling of ignorance will put up mental blocks when trying to learn the material. For the student to have an open mind for learning, the tutor must be encouraging and promote a positive learning environment.
  • Dependable – Tutoring is about sharing knowledge with the student. For the person to be interested in learning, the tutor must show that it is important for the tutee to grasp the material. Nothing says carelessness more than not being respectful of other people’s time.  Accepting a tuition assignment is a big responsibility. Large responsibilities require people who are dependable enough to handle them.
  • Kindness and Patience –Hong Kong tutoring is not cheap and it stands to reason that no one would choose to pay for tutoring in a subject that they are able to grasp on their own with ease. Patience is required to impart knowledge that is more difficult for the tutee to understand. Harsh words and demeaning language is not an appropriate motivator for anyone. Kindness and patience will allow the student to feel free to ask for extra explanations when needed.
  • Refusing to Give Answers – A student struggling to understand a subject matter will not gain the desired knowledge by having someone come behind him and give the answers to the problems. The purpose is for the student to learn and think through the process. Any tutor who simply gives a tutee the answer is not teaching them anything.


An excellent tutor will ask the student to repeat the material back to them near the end of the session. If they are successful in repeating and explaining the material taught step by step, it is certain that the student has grasped the material.

Hong Kong tutoring is a big business, and if a student doesn’t know what to look for in a quality private instructor it will be easy to get taken advantage of. Use these tips to find a tutor that will help you reach the academic goals that have been set.

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