What to Do in Yerevan

Armenia is one of those countries that lies off of the beaten path for most travelers. These countries tend to be the best places to travel. More often than not they will be cheaper, not crowded, and be much more appreciative of visitors than the more popular destinations across the globe. Making a stop in Armenia is definitely worth the time. It is home to one of the oldest cities, Yerevan, and is full of culture and sites. If you haven’t heard of anything to do in Yerevan take out a note pad because you’re about to get a nice little introduction to the sites and happenings of this historic city.

Republic Square

republic square

This may be one of the best spots in the city of Yerevan to be. It is the center of the city and is a great place to walk around and enjoy an afternoon. There are some shops you can see and getting a cup of coffee and relaxing is always recommended. The square truly comes alive at night though. Republic Square is home to an entertaining “dancing fountains” show each night. Loud music, ranging from classical and jazz to traditional Armenian, cranks out of the speakers as streams of water shoot out of the main fountain and change along with the rhythm of the music. There are also lights in the fountain that give the water different color as the songs change. This is a great show for all involved.

Cascade Complex

This is one of the most happening spots in Yerevan. It is Armenia’s own version of Rome’s Spanish Steps. The grandiose stairwell is built into the side of a hill and there are fountains that run down them. Leading all the way up the steps on the sides of the railings are beautiful beds of flowers. The stairs lead up to a WWI monument and connect the city of Yerevan to the city of Monument. One of the best features of the steps is the built in escalator. This can save you the walk of hundreds of steps on a hot day. The escalator is located inside and works of contemporary are on display as you ride up. Concerts are also organized and hosted at the Cascade often. This is a great source of entertainment and the perfect way to spend a nice evening.

cascade complex

Garni Temple

The Garni Temple is a great day trip to take from Yerevan. The best way to see this Parthenon resembling complex is to rent a car and take the short drive. This will allow for more freedom in how you wanUt to spend your time. The Garni Temple is great structure that was built in the first century and rebuilt during Soviet times after some damage from an earthquake in 1679. The temple was built with skillfully engraved stones and overall stone work is nothing short of impressive. If you have your own vehicle you can also drive down to the Garni Gorge and over to the Havuts Tar Monastery. There is nothing like being able to see more than one historic site in a day. It is somewhat humbling to be in the presence of structures that are thousands of years old, don’t miss out on that chance while in Yerevan.

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