7 Ways to Travel Cheap in Europe

 The assumption that many people have is that traveling through Europe is expensive, but in actuality travel can be economical as well as fun. There are several low cost airlines with hubs in major European cities, which offer unbelievable deals. Also, the train and bus systems throughout Europe link passengers to major cities, while also provide stunning window views of the European country-sides, mountains and villages. Hitch hiking is also an option that young backpackers revel in, as it is tolerated and embraced by the European citizens.

1. Low Cost Airlines

Ryanair and Easyjet are just two of the budget airlines in Europe that offer cheap tickets. Tickets may be purchased online, and potential customers can also browse the extensive selection of discount fare specials offered by each airline. One way fares may be found for as little as 10 euros, and the best deals for cheap tickets should be booked a month in advance if possible. These airlines are “no frills”, so plan to bring snacks and water aboard if you do not want to pay for these luxuries on your flight.

2. Rail Europe

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Traveling by train can be an inexpensive and scenic way to see the sights of Europe. The rail Europe passes allows travelers to save money for long distance travel, and several travelers use the fixed price Europass to visit multiple cities while on holiday. Several trains have night cars available for overnight travel, and food cars serve meals and snacks. Unlimited train travel packages for adults, youth and children can be found on the Rail Europe website.

3. Eurolines

Eurolines is an inexpensive way to see Europe by road, and the service links 51 cities throughout the country. Unlimited travel is available for a set number of days, and the company has a “book as you go” feature which allows travelers flexibility through their trip. Eurolines also has affiliations with hotels and city bus services, and travelers using Eurolines are eligible for deep discounts with these affiliates.

4. City Buses

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One of the best and cheapest ways to visit locations in Europe is through hopping on the city buses. Fares can purchased for one way or all day travel, and each city in Europe offers different deals or promotions for saving on long term bus travel. City buses allow visitors to save on their pockets and their feet!

5. Car sharing

An up and coming way to travel cheaply through Europe is through car sharing. Car sharing reduces emissions from vehicles, and saves drivers and passengers money through sharing the cost of gas to their destination. Several car sharing websites allow travelers to view routes that other drivers are interested in sharing, and then make arrangements with the other drivers to meet on the desired days.

6. Hitchhiking

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Backpackers, particularly young ones, embrace hitch hiking as a means of travel through Europe. Hitch hiking is highly inexpensive, and allows the adventurous traveller to meet several different people as they travel through Europe.

7. Sailing

Travelers by boat can save a lot of money by hoisting their sails and visiting European ports of call. Sailing, as opposed to motoring, requires no gas and can be a serene and enjoyable way to visit the waterways of Europe.

From low cost air travel to hitch hiking alongside the roads of Europe, options are available for travelers seeking inexpensive alternatives. No matter the choice, travel is sure to be enjoyable!


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