Don’t Let Traveling Mess Up Your Health

So you are about to leave the confines of your humble abode to go on a traveling expedition of a lifetime. You’re passport is all ready to go and you didn’t forget to pack your toothbrush this time around. Booking Delta Flights or any other plane ticket is always exciting because you have something to look forward too.

Get some sleep guys, it's necessary occasionally!

Get some sleep guys, it’s necessary occasionally!

You are all ready to go. Fast forward three days and you are feeling sluggish, you are exhausted and you haven’t even left bed yet. Another day passes and your stomach is rumbling in hunger. Two more days pass and you notice something peculiar, your pants are tighter around your waist – you have put on weight!

Staying healthy while on your trip was the last thing on your checklist but not anymore. By taking in the following precautions, you can stop traveling messing up with your health with no worries and who knows you might avoid that rumored ‘contiki cough.’

Tip One

Take a stroll on the plane every 1-2 hours. The likelihood of developing a blood clod in your legs is greatly increased if you are on a long flight for 8-10 hours. If there is a layover, take a stroll in the airport you are stationed at, you are exploring another place you have probably never ventured before. As for on the trip itself, do active activities like taking long walks through markets or streets (especially if you have ventured to Florence) or get your adventure and go hiking or go bungee diving if you dare.

Tip Two

Eat smartly. For instance choose fresh fruit and vegetables to snack on in between meals, that way you are upping your vitamin intake for that day and not feeling hungry all at once. If fast food is the only choice available versus a healthy cooked meal at a restaurant, stick to a small sized meal. Too much junk food can leave you feeling sluggish. Also taking vitamin supplements such as fish oil and vitamin C daily can help anyone in the long run.

Tip Three

Drink lots of water to make sure that you do not succumb to dehydration which can lead to the common cold in some cases. If you are going out on the town and drinking, grab a glass of water in between drinks that way you will not only feel better but your hangover the next day will be slightly better.

Tip Four

Practice good hygiene. Hand sanitizers or wipes should do the trick if you are on the go. Germs mostly travel via our hands, so make sure you clean your hands in between meals and avoid opening the door when you can.

Tip Five

Get lots and lots of sleep. Sleep on the plane, sleep in your hotel room, just sleep as much as you can – even if it means choosing to stay in versus a night out on the town. Eight hours of sleep is required for many reasons to achieve good health and some of them are improved memory and reduced risks of inflammation.

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