Top 7 places to visit on a cruise in the South Pacific

Travelers who indulge themselves in cruises to South Pacific destinations can expect to experience unique natural beauty, perfect weather and traditional island hospitality. Scuba diving and snorkeling aficionados will be especially thrilled by the numerous opportunities to witness tropical fish, coral reefs and undersea plant life. Following are seven south-seas destinations that travelers shouldn’t miss. 

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1. Easter Island

The southeastern Pacific Ocean island called Easter Island is the most remote-yet-inhabited place on the planet. Long known for its monumental statues, Easter Island also features a rich local history, plentiful opportunities for cave exploration and chances to see authentic Stone-Age carvings.

2. The Cook Islands

Visitors to the Cook Islands will see azure lagoons, breathe pure, fresh air and experience the planet’s most idyllic climate. Local native arts include weaving, woodcarving and a type of quilting known as tivaevae that is inspired by the natural beauty of the islands.

3. The Fiji Islands

As one of the most modern and developed regions in the South Pacific, Fiji offers guests world-class dining and entertainment options set in the midst of spectacular natural beauty. Fiji’s tropical marine climate ensures that most days of the year are warm without uncomfortably hot. Even during the cool season, temperatures average 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The Nadi and Denarau islands are popular destinations among travelers to Fiji.

4. Vanuatu

The Republic of Vanuatu enjoys a tropical climate, ell-vegetated forests and an abundance of sea life. Renowned for the quality of its coral reefs, Vanuatua is a premiere destination for scuba divers from all parts of the planet. The wide range of locally grown vegetables, fruits and spices made possible by the climate makes dining in Vanuatu a particular treat for travelers. The native cuisine of Vanuatu uses many fresh vegetative ingredients as well as locally caught seafood and is extremely healthy.

5. New Caledonia

Nature lovers will be enthralled by a visit to New Caledonia. Unique animal and plant species are abundant on this island — in fact, it’s got the richest biodiversity per square mile of any location on Earth. There are animals and plants that exist on New Calendonia that are found nowhere else in the world. The New Calendonian crow can actually make and use tools and is reputed to be the most highly intelligent bird species alive. New Caledonia is also home to the world’s largest species of fern.

New Caledonia’s capital city, Noumea, enjoys a culture that has been heavily influenced by the French. Some of the best restaurants in the southern hemisphere are located in this charming city.

6. The Solomon Islands

Numbering almost 1,000 individual islands, the Solomon Islands are well-known for their white sand beaches and clean, clear waters. This is one of the most unspoiled regions of the South Pacific and an excellent destination choice for those who want to get away from massive crowds of tourists.

7. The Marshall Islands

Visitors to the Marshall Islands can experience the world’s largest shark sanctuary, and divers will love the unspoiled offerings of Arno Atoll. The Marshall Islands feature a warm, tropical climate with little temperature variation between the two seasons.



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