Footloose and Fancy Free: Edinburgh for the Younger Visitor

It can be quite difficult, finding the perfect itinerary fillers when you’re looking for something a little more youthful. After all, if you don’t have the responsibility of a little family or you’re not trying to accommodate the wishes of your spouse, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t plan a weekend to suit your needs. Grab some like-minded friends and book one of the budget hotels in Edinburgh from Travelodge, for some youth-orientated fun in the Scottish capital.

As soon as you have kids, your concern for your personal safety rises, meaning that more often than not, that death-defying activity you would normally have jumped at the chance of trying, is questioned and doubted as you get older and have more dependants. Take the bull by the horns and make the most of your fancy-free life, by appreciating some more adrenaline-fuelled activities in Edinburgh, as well as the usual popular attractions.

Whether you plan to stick with the adrenaline-fuelled antics or more docile pastimes, there’s plenty to suit young adults in Edinburgh – one of the most diverse and enthralling cities in the world.

Indoor Climbing

Get to grips with an indoor climbing wall at the International Climbing Arena, where you will be faced with some of the most complicated indoor climbs in the world. Alternatively, if you’re inexperienced and learning the use of ropes and carabiners, expert tuition and easier climbs mean that you can feel comfortable on the faces in no time.

With bouldering, abseiling and an aerial assault course available at the arena too, you can be sure of an action-packed afternoon out.

Glentress Mountain Biking Centre

Feel more akin with a saddle? Glentress and Innerleithen is arguably the best mountain biking centre in the UK and located just a 30minute drive south from Edinburgh. With over 50miles of trails and equipment hire available, you can take your pick from starter routes, steep inclines and jaw-dropping descents to get your blood well and truly pumping.

Shopping Opportunities

As far as retail therapy is concerned, there are few places better than Edinburgh to find some amazing items from the high street and beyond. Whether you’re a sucker for fashionable chains or you prefer to find a unique buy from an independent boutique, the lanes and streets of Edinburgh will surely provide.

Particularly fruitful for vintage fashions, Edinburgh is awesome for retro aficionados, with ample vintage stores, specialist boutiques and charity shops to choose from. For retro threads, head for Armstrongs, while if you’re hoping to find a bargain, Barnardos has an entire shop dedicated to vintage apparel.

Bars and Clubs
As darkness falls, the youth of
Edinburgh come alive. Away from the festivals that are incredibly popular during the summer months, there’s still plenty to shout home about, including Brewdog, which is proving to be as popular in Scotland as it is south of the border. Providing plenty of speciality beers to choose from and a quirky atmosphere that will help the evening start with a bang, it’s a great place to start your night.

Take a look at the budget hotels in Edinburgh from Travelodge and start planning your footloose break with your mates, today.

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