Get to Know Class B Motorhomes

Behind every motorhome design is a story on what inspired it. Many RV and motorhome designs are created to satisfy a growing demand from consumers. You can see an increasing number of RVs in campgrounds and RV parks in Portland these days. Customers are vacationing families, and they are tired of sacrificing comfort and convenience for a vacation across the country. RV and motorhome designs have become extremely complex and luxurious in order to accommodate these demands. The story of the class B motorhome is one that goes hand in hand with the American desire to travel, even during tough economic times.

Get to Know Class B Motorhomes

In The Beginning

The class B motorhome design brings together two things that American consumers of the 1970’s loved; conversion vans and campers. Motorhomes have adapted the best of vans and campers, utilizing efficient designs in order to bring customers an affordable and logical option for long-distance road travel. RV manufacturers saw great potential in a design that could be classified as a camper and a van, and that was what helped to bring about the very first class B motorhomes.

The Growing Need

One of the things that consumers really liked about class B motorhomes was that they were much better on gas than traditional motorhomes and large campers. By 1972, it is estimated that there were approximately 23,000 class B motorhomes being manufactured in the United States. By 1977, that number had almost doubled to 40,000 vehicles. This rise in production coincided with the gasoline crisis of the 1970’s. As the cost of gas shot up, the people who wanted to travel turned to the smaller motorhome designs because of their fuel efficiency.

The Conveniences Of Home

Despite its relatively small size, a class B motorhome comes equipped with the same things that larger motorhomes and campers come with. When you check out the Dave Arbogast class B motorhomes, you will notice that they have sinks, toilets, kitchens and enough sleeping space for at least two people. When you are looking for the perfect camper to take on the road with you, this kind of a vehicle tends to be a popular choice among even the most hearty of camping enthusiasts.

Easy To Control

Another aspect of the class B motorhome that makes it popular is how easy, by comparison, it is to drive. A larger motorhome or camper can be a challenge for people who are not comfortable driving larger vehicles. It may even take a great deal of getting used to a large RV before a driver feels completely comfortable with its handling; however, class-B motorhomes are far more easy to adapt to. The class B drives much like a large van, and it is also easier to park in restaurant and hotel parking lots.

People purchase vehicles based on their needs. If you need a vehicle that allows you to venture across the country or just head out across town to visit friends, then the class B motorhome would be the ideal solution. As the fuel economy of larger vehicles continues to improve, it becomes easier to justify investing in one.


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