Great reasons to stay at an airport hotel

A lot of people have never thought about staying at an airport hotel, they usually want to drive to the airport and get on a plane straight away. I think that many people overlook the great reasons to spend a night at an airport hotel before jetting off to their destination. Choosing to stay a night in a hotel beforehand will get your holiday off to a great start! Major airports such as Heathrow have a wealth of airport hotels that will fit any budget. Here are 3 fantastic reasons why you should choose to stay at an airport hotel.hotels_in_heathrow_airport_london

Visit the nearest city

Usually the major airports will be close to a city, get out and explore the place. For example if you’re staying close to London then there is so much for you to see. You can spend a day sightseeing, watch a show or even a sporting event. Here are some things for you to remember if you’re planning on taking a day trip:

  • Check the distance from your airport hotel to the city.
  • If you’re watching a show book your tickets.
  • See if the hotel offers a free shuttle to the nearest bus or train station.

Take advantage of the hotel facilities

Nearly all airport hotels are well equipped these days. If you don’t feel like exploring then you should take full advantage of what the hotel has to offer. You can sit by the pool, have a relaxing lunch, get a massage or simply relax all day with room service and movies. If you’re planning on spending your day in the hotel then make sure that you check out what facilities are on offer. You can do this by calling or checking the website. Check out some great offers and facilities.

Get a great start to your holiday


There really isn’t a more relaxing way to start your holiday, staying in an airport hotel means that you will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed. There’s no stress about rushing to the airport, forgetting your passport 100 miles from home, finding a parking spot or not enjoying a good breakfast. Everyone who has stayed in an airport hotel knows the benefits and will always recommend it to their friends, I know I do!

I’m sure this list will convince you to book an airport hotel, it’s the best way for you to start your holiday! So the next time you book a flight, the next thing you should do is go online and find an airport hotel for you and your family.

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