How to Stay Healthy and Active While Traveling

As I age, I place more importance on maintaining my weight and being active. Sometimes it seems like you have to sacrifice your health and fitness while traveling. However, this is a false assumption. You can find many ways to stay active and healthy while on the road or traveling around the world.

Keep a Journal

Write down everything that you eat, include how much you spend on it too. This will force you to become more accountable to what you eat, and how much you pay for those guilty pleasures.

Know Healthier Alternatives

Conduct a bit of research on the healthy fast food options. Find out the healthiest fast food chains, or at least the few healthy options on popular fast food menus. Stick with these healthier choices, no matter how tempting a nice fatty cheese burger may seem.

Pack Healthy Snacks

If traveling by plane, visit the airport convenient store and stock up on healthy snacks for the plane ride. If traveling by car, stock up on healthy snacks; include a cooler full of foods such as hummus, veggies, and yogurt.

Bring a refillable water bottle.

Take Active Tours

Pick a few sightseeing activities that include being active to experience the city. Take a walking or biking tour. Walk up and down stairs when seeing landmarks and famous buildings.

Find a Gym

Either join a nationwide gym with branches all over the country, or use Groupon to find local gyms. Most major cities, such as Chicago, Boston, and New York have a wide selection of gyms. Look for ones that offer special visitor passes or discounts.

Also consider booking a hotel with a gym nearby.

Eating healthy and staying active boosts your energy, which makes trips a bit more enjoyable. Accept every opportunity to keep moving, and enjoy your healthy meals. Do not let traveling excuse your poor eating habits and inactivity. You can have the best of both worlds.

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