Best Asian Fusion Restaurants around the USA

Sometimes you can enjoy a little bit of another country without traveling to it. It warms you to eat at restaurants inspired by other country’s cuisine, because it reminds you of traveling there. It also acts as just a taste of a foreign land.

Restaurant owners create fusion restaurants by combining two of their favorite countries. The restaurants innovate a classic dish by giving it a modern twist, usually that means marrying two unexpected dishes. Asian fusion restaurants are the most popular type of fusion restaurants.

Across the country, these are a few of the best Asian fusion restaurants.

Umami Moto (Milwaukee, WI)

Umami Moto is a casual dress Asian and American fusion restaurant. The restaurant’s bring your own beer policy lets you enjoy your favorite wine or beer right from your cooler. Umami Moto offers customers a vegan selection. It makes eating on the go even easier.

Umami Moto’s menu includes lobster chowder, Alaskan rolls, uma sliders, and Korean short ribs.

Asian Outpost (Chicago, IL)

Asian Outpost combines secret family recipes with local cuisine. The restaurant specializes in creating small plates specifically for sharing. These plates consists of original Asian and American fusion dishes and a few inspired dishes.

The rustic decor helps set an elegant atmosphere but the upbeat message chalkboard gives Asian Outpost a more playful vibe.

Mosaic (San Jose, CA)

The restaurant combines Asian and American fusion meals mix with locally grown produce, meats, and seafood. Chef Richard Yu gives classic Eastern and Western dishes a bit of his signature touch. The Mosaic also has a nightclub from Thursday to Saturday, which includes jazz music.

Casa Asian Fusion Mexican Restaurant (Anchorage, AK)

The chef combines Mexican and Asian flavors into every dish. It combines Mexican street food with Korean and Japanese style dishes.

The menu includes dishes such as teriyaki chicken salad, Korean bulgogi taco, and Yakitori.

Asian Spice Restaurant (Washington, DC)

Asian Spice combines various different Asian cuisines such as Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese. The chefs use Asian spices to intensify the flavors of these meals. Korean barbecue soaks in a blend of Indian, Thai, and Malaysian curry.

Asian Spice decorates its walls with Asian artwork, while the place illuminates with flickering candles.

Asian Spice also hosts karaoke nights.

Miga (Philadelphia, PA)

Customers cook Miga’s barbecue platters. Along with enjoying barbecue, customers can taste some authentic Korean cuisine, which ranges from vegetables bowls to various soups.

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