It’s Never Too Late To Sit On Santa’s Knee…

Haven’t hung up a stocking for decades? Worried that if you sat on Santa’s knee, it might snap? Lived far too long to hope to make it off the naughty list?


Never fear! Those who think Father Christmas is for children clearly haven’t been to Lapland. Because one trip up North, with holidays from Cosmos, and you’ll be so caught up in the magic you’ll think someone divided your age by 10. Here are 7 ways to reclaim your youth and celebrate Christmas in Lapland:


Ride in a real sleigh:

“Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling too!” you’ll sing at the top of your lungs and mortify everyone around you, (especially your children if you’ve managed to drag them with you). And it’ll be marvelous.


Spend a night in an ice hotel:

If you survive sleeping on a slab of ice, you’ll be so impressed that you did, you’re bound to feel sprightly. And if you can claim to have had a drink or two in a real life ice bar, you can instantly out-cool any of those cocky teenage-types.


Ride on a snowmobile:

The thrills of speed are not only for your twenty-year-old nephew. Get yourself on one of these, whip along a frozen river and your pulse will be racing like it did twenty years ago. It’s probably not a bad idea to bring a balaclava though, as the wind in your face might not do wonders for your jowls.


Go Rudolph spotting:

“But that’s like a…a…a real reindeer!!” Why, yes it is. If a reindeer safari doesn’t convince you you’re in Christmas country, nothing will.


Go snowshoe-ing:

You may be moving at a geriatric pace, but this activity is actually surprisingly energetic. The stroll in the icy air will have you feeling fresh as a daisy, even if you collapse in a heap afterwards.


See the northern lights:

There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned awe to bring back the child in you. And if you’re lucky enough to see the natural purple, greens and reds, they are bound to have you oo-ing.


Visit the old man himself:

Yes, in Lapland, you really can. You’ll fulfill every childhood dream when you see Santa in his grotto. Ask him for whatever your heart desires, (though something from Hamley’s might be most appropriate), and relish blending in with the other kids visiting old Saint Nick. Best of all? No matter how old you are, you can bet the old codger’s got a few years on you…

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