6 Best Remote Islands You Should Visit

Being at a reote place doesnt sound so right. At least the thought of being away from technology and everything else you need. It may be hellish when you feel helplessly isolated from everything that you need. But why not look at the positive things of being remote in the different parts of the globe? It can also be good when being remote means being surrounded with everything you desire, or a close to paradise experience.

turks and caicos runway

Turks and Caicos Runway

Turks and Caicos

The definition of paradise. These two groups of tropical islands in the West Indies may be tricky to get to, but if you make the effort you’ll be rewarded with some of the most naturally beautiful islands on the planet. The turks and caicos resorts here will leave you feeling like you never want to go home. If white sand beaches, untouched nature and the most soothing atmosphere our world can offer is your idea of a retreat, well you’ve found your next destination! Even the airport is beautiful (see above)!

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is so remote it sits around Scotland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland some miles away. Although technically it is part of Denmark despite the fact that they have their own language. That’s how remote it is. Expect evergreen grasses that carpet the terrain of the isles, wonderful cliffs and beautiful clean waters.


The Cook Islands

At the center of Polynesia, the Cook Islands are also in the list of the remote. A paradise for honeymooners who love sandy beaches, the Cook Islands offer the best of Pacific romance. You can have a stroll on the lagoon, an adventure to the caves, a relaxing dip on the ocean or a thrilling dive down the lush corals.


Ko Adang

Ko Adang is a tiny island hidden beyond the tourist-dense Thailand. It is part of the Tarutao Marine National Park. Ko Adang is a sanctuary to a vast marine life and even to the pre-occupied human minds. It’s a perfect escape from urban worries and a break from routines. Ko Adang boasts of white sands and calmness of the blue ocean.


Easter Islands

This is the “navel of the world” as the locals say. The Easter Islands are hidden away near the edge of the Pacific and is a World Heritage Site that is home to the mystical Moais. Accessible via Chile, the Easter Islands are a paradise for an inquisitive mind as there are just some interesting art and historical stuff to find here, like these very huge iconic rock sculptures that tourists go after.



Another World Heritage Site is the Galapagos Islands. Standing at the center of the world, the Galapagos Islands convenes a vast number of living organisms in the biosphere. For a fact that the gerat Charles Darwin even said that thi wwas his point of reference for his theory of evolution (wow!). The multitude of endemic animals present in this province of Ecuador makes the Galapagos Islands a rendezvous. For a far more luxurious take, you can have a cruise that will give you a holistic view around its volcanic islands.

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