Luxury Holidays Perfect for the More Discerning Traveller


Russia is full of fascinating history, varied landscapes and magical cities all tempting to the discerning traveler.

Exploring the city of St Petersburg is a must on a holiday to Russia. It is full of magical charm with its majestic palaces and golden onion domed cathedrals, embankments and numerous bridges across it’s almostVenetian canals well celebrated by Tchaikovsky, Pushkin and other legendaries. The winters bring about spectacular frosty scenes of snow dusted onion domes and gilded spires reflected in the ice misted rivers crisscrossing the city. The white nights attract bustling activities on the streets and romance flourishes as the dusk meets dawn.

Moscow is the heart beat of Russia dominated by magnificent palaces, ancient churches and mighty fortresses. It is actively dynamic with world class ballet, opera, and the popular circus. Wonder around the famed Red Square and discover the mysteries of the Kremlin.


After a tedious routine of working all one desires is a little break and refresh.Italy offers you the best getaway for that well deserved spa treatment.

Italy is spectacular from food, sites and all round luxurious spa treatments, all threaded meticulously into its tapestry of natural beauty; the magical lakes in the North and its sun-dappled Mediterranean cliffs in the south. The impressive eco-luxury Lake Garda, authentic detoxes in picturesque villages to mineral rich mud in Ischia: your soothing holiday beckons.

In Ti Sana Lombardy you enjoy walking next to ionized waters, eat healthy and pamper yourself with special diet andbe deeply cleansed; your all round health and wellness will be boosted. The natural juices and raw foods will tone your physique, brighten your eyes and make your complexion glow.

In the Island of Ischia you can treat yourself to a thermal spa experience at Regina Isabella. This spa offers you therapeutic benefits of the thermal waters with effective holistic treatments that ensure all round wellbeing.

Italy is full of amazing destinations and is perfect for luxury hotel spa breaks. Prepare to relax…


India is unique and inspiring, rich in history and culture and has endless allures even to the most discerning traveler; from royal palaces, holy shrines to the incredible landscapes that range from stunning hill stations, rolling desert hills to coastal paradise.Luxury holidays in India are the perfect way to enjoy the amazing offering it has.

Explore the hidden treasures of India such as the stunning Runn Kutch, the largest district in India, the most ecologically and ethnically diverse region in the whole of India. Despite harsh natural factors this place has emerged as a center for creativity; great music and intricate handicraft originates from here.

Tour the princely state of Kutch Bhuj, and be amazed by the stately palaces, majestic temples and the splendid natural beauty. Take a walk down to the Hamirsar Lake and enjoy the spectacular views of the Aina Mahal or Hall Of Mirrors and the Prag Mahal, climb to the top and enjoy the views of the city from the top.

On the banks of Rukmavati River witness the building by hand at the Mandvi Ship Building Yard. The tasking process requires high levels of craftsmanship and keenness. This process has been going on for ages; this location was strategic for selling of vessels by the Mandvi merchants in the 18th century.





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