Super Cities: The Perfect City Breaks Abroad for the Older Traveller


The enigma and appeal of Marrakech is embodied rich history, diverse culture and traditional Berber charm. It is a perfect harmony of the mysterious past and the modern world. With fine sunny weather all year round, varied accommodation ranging from hostel to stately Kasbahs and Riads it is ideal for a city break. For the older traveller, you will probably be thrilled by the privacy, lavishness, and hospitality of the refined Riads found around the city.

There is a lot to enjoy on a holiday in Marrakech, the bustling souks selling almost everything, street entertainment and the historical attractions. The Saadian tombs are a must see, they are the final resting place for the past rulers, and they are well preserved. The intricate markings on the tombs reveal the religions of the dead; whether Christians or Jews.

The Majorelle Gardens are ideal for relaxing with their exotic flowers and intricate landscaping. Also, discover the allure of Islamic art in the Museum of Islamic art, conveniently located in the beautiful garden. Enjoy the picturesque gardens filled with a collection of fantastic plants from around the world.


Barcelona is arguably the most glamorous city in Spain, offering something for everyone, brimming with things to see and do. It is the heart of medieval art and boasts of fine art galleries and ancient gothic churches and cathedrals.

On tours of Barcelona you can enjoy wine tasting, exploring the nearby towns or stroll along La Rambla which is a fantastic route.For most tourists,this street embodies the Barcelona soul. You can wine and dine in the friendly restaurants or simply explore the fantastic monuments along the street.

Stare at the Magical Fountain; the cascades of water are illuminated at night and the result is a spectacular light and sound show. For another magical view at night head to the Gaudi Church which seems to glow at night.

You are never short of food in Barcelona as there is a wide variety of international cuisines to enjoy after a fun day exploring the city. The most recommended dish however is the seafood served in most eateries. Why not try the Barceloneta beach restaurants with their delicious and soulful food that captures the essence of Costa Spain? You will love them!


London is one of the largest cities in the world, multicultural and dotted with numerous monuments and historical buildings. The city’s modern infrastructure makes it easy to explore. The Tower of England is one of the major historical buildings and a popular tourist attraction and dates back to 1078. Getting ‘sent to the Tower’ meant being imprisoned as it served as a prison sometime in history. Today, it serves as an important repository of British cultural history…not so scary anymore.

Be amazed by the London Eye along the banks of the River Thames where you can enjoy viewing the city about 135 meters above the ground. The wheel is strikingly enormous and moves at a slow relaxed pace so allowing its passengers to hop on and off. Many worry about the cost of visiting all the attractions like this, but by buying the London Pass you can get great value and access to all the major sites.

Explore the majestic Buckingham Palace, the official resident of Queen Elizabeth II. It is used for the official ceremony of Changing the Guards which occurs yearly, the state rooms are open to the public so you can peruse the inside of this stately building.

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