Packing List for Your Upcoming Cruise: What to Bring

Of course, no one needs to be told to put sunscreen, a camera, or comfortable shoes on their cruise packing list, but there are certain items that can make your trip much more relaxing, just by having them along.

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A Few General Guidelines

Before making a packing list for your Viking cruise, keep in mind that traveling to diverse ports of call may mean coming upon an unexpected situation—say, for example, you are in port and find an alternative restaurant that you’d regret skipping, but they have a dress code that doesn’t allow athletic wear, jeans, etc. As a general rule, it is best to dress conservatively when you are in doubt, and to keep in mind that many ports might consider extremely casual attire disrespectful.

Also, don’t forget books and binoculars and camera/phone chargers. Travel guides and an address book are smart options, and of course, remember to grab that great bucket list book you’ve been dying for time to tackle.


On the Ship

Pack a small carry-on bag with just a few essentials to carry on that will hold you over until your larger checked bag is delivered to your stateroom. Just your passport, a light sweater or jacket (adjust depending on the weather of your departure point), and a camera should be all you need.

Most days before 6pm on the cruise ship will be somewhat casual. Modest shorts, clean and well-fitting jeans or kakis, and easy sundresses and the like for women, as well as sport shirts and polos for the men work well.

For evenings, men can wear classic slacks and ladies may go for dress and pantsuits.


Ports of Call

In general, what works for the ship is often great for the sites and attractions you will want to explore on the shore. But practice common sense: if you are going to visit lots of cathedrals, museums, and the like, it is always in your best interest to dress conservatively and respectfully. If you plan on a rough and ready outdoor excursion, then it’s always prudent to bring along a hat and sunscreen, sturdy pants, and hiking shoes or trainers.

Finally, it is also wise to save space when packing. Pick clothing items that are versatile, so you can mix and match outfits, doubling your wardrobe by using new combinations. And, if you know you have a bit of a shopping bug, perhaps a small, extra bag to transport your new items safely home would be a wise addition.


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