Why Trees Are Essential

It is a fact of life that the formation of forests is an essential element in maintaining our survival on planet Earth. Without trees, our landscape would become a huge desert that would be incapable of sustaining life.

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Trees are the forest’s platform between the land that we live on and the air that we breathe. Forest Protection these days can cost a lot of money. Trees can become some what of a commodity on a plantation if they are planted in rows and rows of the same species. When different species of trees are planted together along with shrubs, brambles and fauna, it makes for a diverse polyculture that will be resilient to any disturbance.

Trees work tirelessly to provide us with numerous aspects of life:

  • The benefits of soil creation
  • An active hydrological cycle
  • Climate moderation
  • Their respiration provides the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen
  • Long-term sequestration of carbon
  • A landscape that’s full of nutrients
  • A diverse forest habitat for wildlife
  • Raw materials for the construction of homes and buildings
  • A place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the world

All of the above are crucial aspects in maintaining human and animal life on Earth. This article is going to dig a little deeper into just one of the points mentioned above as to highlight just how important trees are.

Trees play a crucial factor in providing a diverse and essential habitat for our wildlife. So many animals and insects rely on healthy trees to provide them with the necessary food and shelter that they need in order to survive. These animals and insects would not be around to enrich our environment and lives without the existence of trees.

Here are just two types of  animals that take up residence in our trees and rely on them so heavily for their existence:


The first animal that springs to mind when thinking of woodland is a squirrel. These charming little mammals use trees for shelter, a place to build nests for their young and for food like acorns to keep them alive. Other mammals like flying squirrels, raccoons, bats, opossums also utilise our trees for the same reasons as the squirrel does. Large mammals like deers use trees to feed off acorns, and they use tree trunks to help them get rid of the velvety coverings from their antlers.


Every wild bird out there benefit from our trees in some way or another. They make a tree their home by building a nest and raising their young in that nest. Without trees nearby, most birds are unlikely to settle there and make their nest. Every area needs to have a population of birds as they help to control the insect population, they disperse seeds and make our world a happier place by singing songs for us in the morning.

That is just a quick look into just one aspect of how valuable trees are on our planet. They really are one of lifes treasures and should be looked after accordingly.


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