Prague’s reputation as a ‘stag’ destination was something I had found quite off putting for a few years.  However, a number of recommendations from people whose opinion I value, reassured me, and I decided to give it a go.  Was that ever the right decision to make?  I now have no hesitation in joining in with those who encourage visits to Prague.

My initial reaction was that Prague has a very relaxed, easy going vibe, and that it attracts a hugely wide ranging variety of people.  All types are here, from the younger, dippy hippy type through obviously wealthy families, and people from the Far East to the much older sight-seeing silver generation.

My time in Prague was limited, so it was a case of seeing as much as possible in a short time.   I arrived mid afternoon at the airport, and after an altercation with a ticket machine and some sign language with other people at the bus stop, I eventually got on a local bus (cheapest way to go) and made the half hour journey towards Prague.  This journey entailed changing from bus to underground, but that was relatively painless,  and a bit of prior research discovered the nearest underground station to my hotel.

I was staying in the centre of the old town, well within walking distance of all the famous sights.  I have discovered it is often worth paying a little more for a central location because that way local transport or taxi costs can be avoided, and I find walking around is easily the best way to get to know a place and more importantly, its people.

After checking in, I spent the remainder of the first day just finding my bearings and walking around the vicinity in and around Old Town Square.  There are innumerable restaurants in the area, and I quickly learned that eating out in Prague is not an expensive experience.  I love my food, and really enjoy trying out the local dishes.  My first night I was torn between wild boar with dumplings, or knee of pig!  Fortunately I chose the boar because when I saw the pig dish on someone else’s plate, it was absolutely enormous!  I also discovered that what the Czechs call dumplings, I would describe as thick rounds of crustless bread.  Nonetheless, it was absolutely delicious, and cost, with a glass of wine, less than £10.

A vey successful start to what was to be a wonderful couple of days in Prague, so see the next instalment  for the sights of Prague and its surroundings.

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