South America!!!



When I was a little girl, less than ten years old, I had an uncle who was a rep for an Irish linen company.

He was sent on an assignment to Brazil! I was so, so impressed. The journey took six weeks each way on a cargo boat. (He told me it was a banana boat which was even more exotic!).

Since that time, more than fifty years ago, I have wanted to go to South America. I don’t care which country -the whole continent sounds absolutely amazing! The more I read, the more I want to go.

But where to go? Just now, my time is limited, and there is much to consider:-

Brazil? I don’t think so – too much hype and hassle around the football World Cup.

Venezuela? Internal unrest makes it a bit dubious. Mind you, coming from Northern Ireland, I should know that perception and reality are often far apart! So, maybe. Venezuela has much to see, and attracts me greatly.

Colombia? Yes please! From Caribbean Coast to Ecuadorean border, it looks so so good. I might even try the local speciality and see what happens? What do you think?

Ecuador? Even bigger yes please!! There seems to be so much to see in what is quite a small country, and I have to challenge myself and try zip lining!! The Amazon, the Andes, the Pacific Coast, and Quito is a World Heritage Site! There is so much to experience! Can I miss it out?

Peru? What can I say? Machu Picchu is a must see for tourists. But do I want to be an ordinary tourist? Can I go to South America, and especially Peru, and forgo Machu Picchu? Peru is huge, and hugely diverse – there is so so much to enjoy.

My hugely anticipated visit to South America this year will probably encompass at least one of these countries. I CANNOT WAIT! I want to visit them all, I want to visit every single South American country, but I have a maximum of three weeks off work, and am having such difficulty in choosing.

I have, however, almost finally decided. Ecuador will be my first stop, I think. And from there? Well, your help would be much appreciated. So, ideas please.

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