Spend Your Pension Lump Sum On The Holiday Of A Lifetime In Rome

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For many people, retirement is a sad time in their lives. It is a milestone that  they do not want to reach because it brings irreversible changes to their lives. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is glad to live long enough to collect their pension, but the event has a significant psychological impact on people. The way things are in modern society are a world away from how things were when they were young. Things change, sometimes for the worse, and they have had to keep up with the times or lose out as a consequence. Older people feel a bit left out, and retirement is the ultimate expression of it.


Are you about to retire? Hopefully, you will have been putting money into a private pension over the last few decades, to bump up the income from the state pension. Recent changes might work in your favour. Up until recently, you had only been able to take up to seventeen thousand pounds as a tax-free lump sum from your pension fund when you retire. You had to buy an annuity with the rest. That annuity might be small and will bring in an income that isn’t worth the paperwork. Now you can take up to thirty thousand pounds without paying tax, and you can take the whole fund if you pay tax on the rest. If there  are only a few thousand pounds left, an annuity isn’t worth the trouble.


What will you spend that lump sum on? Use some of it for the holiday of a lifetime. At your age, you probably don’t want to learn to ski or go rock climbing, so think about a cultural holiday instead. Rome is the answer to your dilemma. You can relax and enjoy the city at a leisurely place. Here are a few things you must see while you are there.


The Colosseum

You learned about the Romans when you were in school all those years ago. They had a great empire, and the Colosseum is without a doubt among the greatest archaeological treasures that were left behind to tantalise us. You will learn how sport and entertainment were used to placate the people and keep the empire strong. Much blood was spilled to entertain the baying crowds and for many, the walls of the colosseum were the last thing they would see.


Vatican City

Visit Vatican city and maybe catch a glimpse of the Pope. It is the desire of many people in the Catholic faith to see the pontiff. While you are there, investigate the roof of the Sistine Chapel where Michelangelo worked his magic to create one of the most important paintings in the world.


Rome Itself

As a modern city, Rome has much to offer. While you are there, you must try Italian cuisine in one of the many world-class restaurants that line the streets. If you want to be right in the middle of the action, you will find first-class accommodation here. You will have an exciting stay in this centre of culture and sophistication.


Rent is a city centre apartment as a base for your explorations. Take some excursions to other interesting sites, where you can enjoy more than the city itself. You will learn much on your vacation of a lifetime. Book a holiday as soon as you can; you earned it.  I can’t wait until I retire, my suitcase is ready!

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