The Artic Circle

When you think of The Arctic Circle, you likely think of ice, cold weather, snow, maybe even Polar Bears. Ever think of it as a tourist destination though? Many people are now travelling to countries within the circle, and here’s some of the reasons why:


Would you consider Canada to be within the Arctic Circle? How about Norway, Sweden or Finland. They all are, or at least parts of them are. Canada is a major tourist destination, with millions of people flying in each and every year. Alaska, part of the USA, is also within the circle, and many people travel there annually, just for the scenery alone.

So, why should you fore go the sun & sand of your regular holiday destination, to travel to some place that is likely cold – within the Arctic Circle no less? The reasons are numerous.

Everybody does the sun holiday. Its the tried and tested thing to do. But, everybody does it – there’s nothing new or original about travelling to Costa del Sol, or Lanzarote. So, why not broaden your horizons. and head a little of the beaten track, just a bit out of your comfort zone.

There is so much to experience on a trip into the Arctic Circle, be it the outstanding and breath taking scenery, the midnight sun that is visible between the start of June and the start of July, or possibly the main sight and draw for tourists – the Aurora.

Entering into The Aurora zone is truly an experience, as are the Auroras themselves. The Northern Lights are one of nature’s truly outstanding sites, and no where on earth are they better viewed from, than within the Arctic Circle, and in particular, Lapland. “The Greatest Light Show On Earth” can be truly appreciated in the Arctic Circle given its geographical location, weather conditions, and lack of light pollution. Aurora often come up in 7 natural wonders of the world lists, and for good reason.

The Aurora is caused when the sun’s rays, which are carrying electrically charged particles, “bump into” atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth’s magnetic field tries to divert these particles away from the equator, and they get pushed towards the poles, where they are concentrated, and shine in many different hues.

There can be no better reason to make the journey to the Arctic Circle, than to take in one of nature’s greatest sites, the Aurora.

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