Cape Town, South Africa: Dare Devilry To Give You An Adrenaline Rush

Flanked by mountains on all its sides, except for the West, where you have the shark-infested Atlantic Ocean waters, Cape Town is an adventure haven for tourists looking for places to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Whether it is swimming with the sharks, petting wild crocodiles or going on fishing safaris into the ocean, Cape Town has all you’re seeking and much more.

Of course, you don’t want to delight some hooligan back home in the UK by leaving your car unattended at the airport, so make sure you have appropriate airport parking like Luton car parking before you head to Cape Town.

Deep Sea Diving

There are two kinds of diving activities in Cape Town: wreck diving, where you dive and explore ship wrecks in the ocean and shark cage diving, where you’re suspended in a cage and wait for the bull sharks to come and feed on the meat you’ve held on bait. South Africa is the ONLY place in the world where you can dive with the sharks in a safety cage, so don’t ever let that opportunity go while you’re in Cape Town.

Sky Diving/Paragliding/Hot air ballooning

There are 30 second free fall sky diving excursions undertaken off the West Coast and the Melkbossstrand areas of Cape Town by Sky Dive Cape Town adventure group. Most amateur divers are accompanied with an instructor. If you’d like to dive solo, you have to undertake a training course for a day or two. There are paragliding jumps as well, with wonderful views of the Cape Town skyline. You may contact Wineland Ballooning for an hour of balloon rides over the Paarl Wine Lands.

Hiking/Mountain Biking

If you are new to hiking, we suggest climbing the Table Mountain, which is an easy terrain to navigate. You can try mountain biking safaris in the Table Mountain ranges too. Once you gain confidence, you may try hiking up the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, the Cape Point ranges, the wine lands, the Constantiaberg Trails and others in the vicinity. For mountain biking adventures, you may want to contact Day Trippers and Downhill Adventure businesses based in Cape Town.


The turbulent waters off the Cape Town coast make for excellent surfing spots. If you are a rookie, the Big Bay at Blouberg and the Muzeinberg, are prime surfing areas you must frequent, while experts can head to Noordhoek and Kalk Bay Reef for challenging surfing activities. Contact Matthew Moir of Downhill Adventure for equipment and advice.

Horse Riding

There are horse riding trips organized along the beach, in the wine lands and in Noordhoek for you to take pleasure in. Sleepy Hollow and Wine Vallye Horse Trails are two extremely excellent businesses that provide sunrise and sunset horse rides with a trained rider chaperoning you. The horses you get to ride are also beauties.

Cape Town is a marvellous place to be, if you love living and travelling off the edge. However, make sure you keep your car safe in the airport by booking your Luton Airport parking, before you head to Africa for an adventure of a lifetime!

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