Tips for Planning a Trip on a Budget

Many people of all ages avoid traveling because they fear that they cannot afford a trip. They let the cost stop their traveling dreams. Being a cautious spender is an admirable trait. However, traveling offers a one of a kind experience worth the price.

Instead of worrying about the cost of traveling, plan ways to maximize your adventure while minimizing your spending.  Get the most out of your budget.

Utilize Promotional Deals

Rental car places, airlines, and travel sites all offer deals to customers. Travel sites usually advertise these special savings first through emails sent to subscribers, and second through social media. Follow your favorite travel site on social media and subscribe to the website.

Also check Groupon for other promotional deals or discounts. It posts new coupons daily. Travelocity and Orbitz are two of Groupon’s approved deal merchants. Often check the website to find the most useful savings for your upcoming trip at these travel retailers and others.

Have Free Fun

Skip major tourist destinations. Instead, check the official website of cities for a list of free activities. Visit as many free events as possible.

Frequently check travel forums for more suggestions. Visit each city’s museum page to find it’s free days.

Have Cheap Fun

Invest in a city museum pass and a national park pass. These passes allow free or discounted access to most major museums and parks, which can be an enticing offer if you plan to visit many museums and parks. The cost of a museum pass varies by city. The National parks pass costs $80 for adults. It is valid at all national parks.

Once again, use forums, city websites, and newspapers and Craigslist for a listing of cheap local activities.

Plan Your Meals

This activity could remove a little fun from being spontaneous while traveling, but pick your dining destination before leaving the hotel or apartment. Use Groupon’s business pages to narrow your restaurant search.

You can find highly rated restaurants within your budget. This ensures that you get your money’s worth with food and dining.

Do not let your budget stop you from traveling. With a little planning and a lot of imagination, you can travel the world even on a strict budget.


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