Tips To Prevent The Mature Traveller Getting Ripped Off

Apart from having adequate health insurance, there are a number of different tips that the mature traveller can implement in order to make their travel experience as enjoyable as possible.

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What we all must realize is that nowadays there are pickpockets and other forms of thieves at every major tourist destination in the world – no exceptions.

Therefore, we all have to go to extra lengths to ensure that our valuables are secured while we are on the road.

For some travellers, especially the older generation who may be somewhat inexperienced with the rapidly evolving state of tourist travel – these tips should help them feel more at ease.

1. Keep your most valuable possessions in your hotel room

This is such an easy solution, but one that a lot of people fail to use. Never walk around during the day with wads of cash, your passport or other important documents – unless you have to of course. Simple things like not wearing your expensive watch, but instead buy a cheap alternative to do you on the trip. Watches are such an easy target for thieves, that you instantly become a dollar sign.

There are many health and safety products for the older traveller that will aid them, so keep a few of them in mind for your next trip.

2. Money belts

These belts are definitely one item that all tourists should use. It will keep your money/passport/credit cards hidden from easy reach and prevents you from having an imaginary sign saying “tourist with valuables” having around your neck.

3. Avoid crowded areas

An obvious caution. Crowded areas where people are pushing and bumping against each other offer the thief the perfect camouflage to help themselves to the contents of your pockets or bags. Try and avoid these areas at the times when they are the busiest.

4. Hidden pockets

This one takes a bit of work, but it’s one of the best tips to prevent you from getting robbed. Sew, or get it done for you by someone else – a pocket on the inside of your trousers/pants or whatever item of clothing your wearing around. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to rob you on the fly.

With these few tips, the mature traveller can have a more enjoyable holiday. They can also look for PureSafety online in order to stock up on some first aid essentials for their next trip.

Always remember that there will be thieves everywhere, especially where there are tourists and money. It’s everyone’s job to protect themselves from these criminals getting their valuables.


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