Ultra-Cool Winter Activities in the USA

For many people, winter is a time to bundle up, drink hot cocoa and stay indoors. Of course, those who love staying active and being in nature might not be content with this scenario. Even skiing and snowboarding, two of the most popular winter sports in the USA and around the world, might not be enough of a thrill to get you out into the cold. Thankfully, there are some unexpected thrills to be found in the United States. Even when temperatures drop, there are some ultra-cool ways to keep warm. Read on to learn more about some of the hottest, or perhaps coolest, winter activities in America.

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Winter Triathlons: Yes, you read that right. Winter triathlons. Although a normal triathlon takes place in warm weather and includes running, cycling and swimming, a winter triathlon takes advantage of snow and includes a slightly unusual setup. Running, mountain biking and skiing makes up the winter triathlon, and each sport proves challenging in sub-zero temperatures. Running takes place on snow and ice, so runners need special shoes with metal spikes. If you are a serious fitness enthusiast and you want to experience one of the hardest and most unusual endurance sports around, try a winter triathlon at one of many locations throughout the United States.

Ice-Climbing: At first glance, ice-climbers in Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire might just be average rock climbers. They use a lot of the same gear, and they are able to scale giant rock faces in just a matter of minutes. Look closer, however, and you will see that this incredible sport requires you to climb ice rather than rock. Thanks to the area’s constant snow and ice during the winter months, it is almost guaranteed that ice-climbers will have great conditions here between November and February. If you want to try it out yourself, there are a number of day courses that promise to have you at intermediate status by the end of the day.

Kitewing: If the rush of skiing or snowboarding isn’t enough for you anymore, there is a way that you can push the excitement to the next level. A Kitewing looks like a combination between a sail and a kite, and you hold it in your hands as you rush down the mountain. Believe it or not, the addition of the Kitewing can actually boost your speeds to more than 65 miles per hour, and it substantially improves the distances of your jumps. The Kitewing is especially popular in Colorado, and a few of the largest ski equipment stores in Vail will rent you a Kitewing or give you a private lesson to get started.

Dog Sledding: In Alaska, sleds pulled by dogs have always been an important means of transport in harsh winter conditions. Heavy snowfall and rural towns mean that sometimes, dog sleds are the only way to travel. If you have always wanted to try this for yourself, you can sign up for courses in Alaska that teach beginners how to interact with the dogs and cut through the snow. You can enroll for a short one-day course or take private lessons to get ready for the Iditarod, the sport’s most famous race.

Skeleton Sledding: Skeleton is an incredible winter sport that takes place on a 3,000 foot long track and is a popular Olympic event. You can reach speeds of more than 60 miles per hour whizzing down a frozen track, so it’s definitely a huge adrenaline rush. The track at Utah’s Olympic Park is open every winter for visitors who want to give it a try.

For an unforgettable way to experience America during the winter, consider adding one or more of these very cool sports to your itinerary.

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