We all need a Credit Card, here’s why I don’t travel without it!

I can not imagine travelling with out my credit card to hand, it just doesn’t feel possible nowadays to hit the open road and not have the card in my pocket. We all know that it is essential for booking flights, securing hotel rooms online and any other emergencies that come up. Then there are the benefits that come along with the cards these days – air miles, cash back and insurance are just a few that I absolutely love. If you want to see just how quickly you can clock up air miles then you only have to take a look at the unbelievable rewards that Aeroplan partners are offering right now. It’s nice knowing that every time I use my credit card I am earning air miles because it means that every purchase I make pushes me closer to my next holiday destination.

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Having a lot of cash in your pocket in the form of a card is the best way to travel, no now wants to have thousands of dollars in their pocket when they are travelling because you would just be so worried the whole time about losing it! If you have an emergency in a foreign country then your card can become a life saver, if you are unable to contact you insurance company to pay for hospital fees then you credit card could realistically save you or your travel partner’s life. It’s no laughing matter, so always make sure that you have one on you when you are leaving home to travel.

Apart from the fantastic incentives that are offered with credit cards, here are two more great reasons why I think credit cards are essential.

Improve your credit score

When you obtain a credit card you will instantly start to improve your credit rating and this will help you in the future. Have a credit history is extremely important when it comes to making some of the biggest purchases in your life, these can include purchasing a car or a house. If you have a good credit score then you are more likely to be able to get a lower rate of interest on any purchases you make in the future.

Shop online

We all know that you can not insert cash into your computer when you want to make a purchase online, so a credit card is absolutely essential for all online purchases. When I am planning my travel I use my card for so many reasons; to book my flights, reserve hotels, hire a car and also place deposits down on any activities that I have planned.

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