What Is So Interesting About Mozart?

Well for a start his name, which was astoundingly long being Johannes Theophillus Amadeus Gottlieb Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Sigismundus Mozart. This was shortened to Wolferl by his family. There will be very few people who have not listened to Mozart’s music, even if they did not realise that they were. He is a permanent fixture in our culture and has brought a great deal of enjoyment to people in the process.


A child prodigy:

Mozart could read music before he could even read words. He was as far as music was concerned a genius and had written his first full symphony by the age of 8 – it was Symphony in E flat if you were wondering. He was born and grew up in the picturesque city of Salzburg. It is always worth a visit to this beautiful city where there is always the option of Mozart tours going on close by which visit his birthplace (Mozart Gerburtshaus) and several other places of interest during his lifetime – which was short at 35 years. Indeed the city is often referred to as Mozart City. In the first eighteen years of his life Mozart wrote 18 symphonies.

A Marriage Proposal:

It is said that at the end of a particularly good performance at Schonbrun Palace which took place whilst touring in his younger days, Mozart jumped into the lap of a certain young lady and rashly asked her to marry him after she helped him back up and brushed him off. Who was the lady in question? She was non other than a young Marie Antoinette who was said to be completely captivated by Mozart. In the end though, he went on to marry the sister of his first love, having six children in his short life.

A Paupers Grave:

Unlike today, the well known musicians of the period did not make much money. Mozart struggled with his finances throughout his lifetime and when he died at the age of 35 he was almost bankrupt. He was therefore buried in an unmarked grave and there are no historical records of where his grave is located.

Although short-lived, Mozart provided us with a wealth of music and has left a lasting impression on many people. His music is played all over the world and if you are lucky enough to take a visit to Strasburg, be sure to pop by the Marble Hall in the Mirabelle Palace where magnificent orchestras play his music for our listening pleasure.

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