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    • These are the musings of a sixty something who always yearned to travel, but somehow, life got in the way.

      Contrary to the old adage that life begins at forty - it doesn’t, life begins whenever you want it to, and for me that was when I recognised that there’s still a big world out there, and I had to make the effort to see it.

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    • Why Lake Garda Is A Big Tourist Attraction

      Northern Italy is one of those parts of the world that has become extremely popular with tourists over the past few years. In particular, Lake Garda, which boasts a deep history dating back to the bronze age. Tourism really started to explode there in the 1950′s when the whole area became known as Riviera of Read More »
    • Why it’s never too late to travel the world

      For many people, travelling the world is seen as a young person’s game, something you do when you finish school or college and want to fill a few months before going into the big bad world of work. This simply isn’t the case. I have seen cases where young families, elderly couples and groups of Read More »
    • Spend Your Pension Lump Sum On The Holiday Of A Lifetime In Rome

      Source Link   For many people, retirement is a sad time in their lives. It is a milestone that  they do not want to reach because it brings irreversible changes to their lives. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is glad to live long enough to collect their pension, but the event has a significant psychological Read More »
    • South America!!!

        When I was a little girl, less than ten years old, I had an uncle who was a rep for an Irish linen company. He was sent on an assignment to Brazil! I was so, so impressed. The journey took six weeks each way on a cargo boat. (He told me it was a Read More »
    • How to stay healthy while traveling

        Everyone wants to have a great traveling experience and staying in peak shape and health plays a huge part in how your travels go. All the time, people want to try out all the different kinds of local cuisine at their specific spot and sometimes that can cause problems with digestive health and energy Read More »