5 Unexpected Destinations for the Mature Traveller




Also known as the ‘land of smiles’ and comfortable warm weather Thailand is home to fantastic natural beauty and heritage. Explore the ancient temples, age old cities and street markets. Relax in the lush islands, magnificent beaches or treat yourself to a hot spring spa. The people in Thailand are friendly and mild, which is great for mature travellers.

The food is not only delicious and cheap but also colorful; like the red rice. So top up your holiday with the popular Thai delicacies.


Walking into Dubai is like stepping into the future, architecture and engineering at its best. From the spectacular manmade Palm Island, the towering Burj Al Arab and to the golden sandy dunes of the desert Dubai has a lot to keep you fully entertained and relaxed.

A holiday in Dubai should be spectacular, so treat yourself to the luxury of the seven stars Burj Al Arab and experience viewing the city at a whole new angle. The hotel is actually not over rated as what you see is what you get, the architecture is brilliant and the interiors are opulent. Visitors are treated to kingly service and you will never regret because the cuisine is delicious. Take pictures of it as you stroll on the sands next to this iconic building.

To avoid lots of traffic and still enjoy a great ride take the Dubai Metro across the city; it is the safest cleanest and professionally maintained means of transport in Dubai.


The Amazon is celebrated for its luscious green jungle and the amazing wildlife. You get to see the world in its original natural form before destruction of flora and fauna. Experience the mysteries of imposing waterfalls, tropical paradise islands, charming colonial towns and the pristine white sandy beaches.

The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world but the largest by volume. If you are courageous enough you could enjoy navigating this meandering river on a luxurious Amazon cruise available from the variety of exotic cruise ships. There are over 3000 species of fish and more are still being discovered.


New Delhi is the capital of India and has a long interesting history: it is dotted with majestic mosques, numerous forts and outstanding monuments a presentation of the gone empires of Mughal rulers. It has something for everyone, the young and the old alike. Cows stroll about around in the city, well they are holy in this part of the world, so pay your respects when you see one!

Take a journey to eras past by visiting the famous Red Fort built in 1638 and adorned with massive domes and turrets. You experience its size while still at the gates; humans are cut to size by the enormous gates! In the evenings you can relax and enjoy the special light shows that tell the history of the Red Fort in such a colorful style.

For the mature traveller, the bustle and hustle of New Delhi may appear overwhelming at first. But as you get in touch with the real side of India and find yourself in one of the opulent hotels in Delhi, you will come to appreciate this busy city.



This is one of European’s largest countries and a perennial favorite for travelers of all ages. The warm weather is particularly attractive to the mature travelers. It is home to rich culture, history and mind blowing cities.

Take a relaxing trip to the centre of Cordoba which is endowed with numerous monuments such as the Alcazar fortress, Moorish Mezquita and synagogue. Its vivacious cities will romanticize you as you participate in one of the many vibrant festivals. Alternatively, head over to the beautiful coasts and enjoy warm, sandy beaches in one of the many Costa locations.

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