Planning Your Best Retirement Party!

Want to throw a retirement party for your friend and make him/her feel special? Want to plan it well and make it the best retirement party ever? Then here are some of the basic steps to help you get started…

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Step #1: Choose a Retirement Party Theme

a) The Year of Hire: Finding a theme idea becomes easy when you look for it in the year the person was hired. If you don’t know their year of hire, go to the HR and enquire. And once you have the info in hand, you can Google the popular clothing, movies, cars and other events of that can be used as a foundation.

b) The Career Path: Do you know the retiree well enough? Then why not create a retirement theme around the different positions that he/she had held in the firm? Everybody present can get into the mood of the party by dressing up for different roles. You can be really creative here if you want to.

Step #2: Decorate the Right Way

c) Make it Retiree Focused: If you’re looking out to make the decorations personal and thoughtful then what you can do is get the retirees co-workers supply you with his/her photographs. These can be pasted on the walls or even better, you can have a PowerPoint presentation running with background music playing from different eras.

d) Decorate from the Retiree’s Life: There’s nothing like having everything around the room reflect the different aspects of the retiree’s life in their own way. You can also involve everyone else into a guessing activity where they make guesses about the decorations so that the retiree can share his memories with them. And yes, don’t forget to have a nice, fun banner up in the background.

Step #3: Plan Retirement Party Activities

e) Career Trivia: You can have real fun by creating a trivia game that’s based on the retiree’s career. It does involve some work like looking into the whole history, but it’s worth it when everybody tries to guess the right answers and the winner wins a prize.

f) Upcoming Retirees: Another fun and enjoyable activity that can be done at a retirement party is to play a game where you ask the coworkers of the retiree as to what they expect to do once they retire. This way everybody gets involved and the retiree gets to share his/her future plans.

Step #4: Select Retirement Party Gifts

g) Relaxation Gifts: When one retires, he/she expects to relax after years of hard work. So it makes sense to treat the retiree with a gift session at a local spa where he/she can get pampered with a massage of their choice.

h) Fun Gifts: Getting retired does not mean one retires from having fun and enjoying, which is why you should consider giving a fun gift to the retiree. For example, if he/she is an NBA fan and lives in San Antonio, then you could gift San Antonio Spurs tickets so they can enjoy a good game of basketball. Think out of the box when it comes to giving fun gifts.

Planning the best retirement party is not rocket science. As long as you’ve got the basics figured out, you will find it easy and fun to throw a retirement party that is not only fun, but also memorable.

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